Urban Art in Puerto Rico

Many of the walls and buildings in Puerto Rico are decorated with beautiful art, bringing light and happiness to its streets. This murals and gratifies are made by recognized and unrecognized people. Every time I am walking or riding around town, I get happy knowing that these pieces adorn my home town. They definitely make the island look very vibrant and flamboyant.

Every year an Urban Art festival is helm in the city of Santurce, called “Santurce es Ley” whee the mural art takes over the islands streets, its abandoned buildings, their desolate walls in an atmosphere of life, color, and creativity as a gift to the islands inhabitants and its visitors.The streets are flooded with crowds of people to who come to watch these artist create their beautiful works and to have a great time.

Walls serve as canvas to large numbers of Puerto Ricans and other urban artists muralists visitors who are added to the guest list to participate in a unique creative activity, such as Brazilian collective Bike Sem Freio, French and Seth Globepainter US Cyrcle. Puerto Rican artists such as Edgardo Larregui, Juan Salgado, David Zayas, Abey Charron, Vero, Rivera, Nube, Bik-Ismo, and V de Vergara.

I’m sharing some pictures I took myself and others I borrowed about the beautiful street art around Puerto Rico:

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Sister Mary Corita Kent


Unlike your typical nun, Artist Art Brokerage: Sister Mary Corita Kent American Artist: b. 1918-1986. Teacher at the Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. Sister Mary Corita, once the nation’s best-known nun, won fame as a serigraph artist. Sister Mary Corita Kents’ bright, colorful silk-screen prints were the rage of the 1960s. She designed the United States’ first “Love” postage stamp. Mary Corita Kent was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1918, then moved with her family to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1920. Two years later they moved to Los Angeles, where she grew up. She joined the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary there in 1938. Corita received her bachelor’s degree from Immaculate Heart College in 1941, followed by a master’s in art history 10 years later from the University of Southern California. Popularly known as “Sister Mary Corita,” she turned to the silk-screen process in 1950. Her large compositions combine quotations, often from the Bible or modern poetry, with religious or secular images. During her career as an artist and teacher, Kent also designed greeting cards and book covers. She achieved fame in the early 1960s with her brightly colored silkscreen posters. Some of her work includes excerpts from the writings of Carl Jung, e.e. cummings, and Rainer Maria Rilke. She began adding words to her designs because, she said, “I have been nuts about words and their shape since I was very young.”image image image

Powers of 10 Film

The 1960’s film “Powers of Ten” by the husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames (Eames 1968) was based on the 1957 book by Kees Boeke (Boeke 1957). Produced for a conference of physicists, the film imparts a visceral and transformative sense of place in the world. Scenes of varying distance are rendered in a continuous zoomed sequence, in order of discrete multiples of ten. It opens on two actors having a picnic, then zooms out until you reach the limits of the observable universe. The zoom then reverses, returning to the picnic blanket, then within a picnicker’s hand until the limits of the observable universe are reached again. Scale follows scale in an additive sequence of powers of ten yielding a multiplicative sequence of scales, one meter followed by ten meters, and so on, until a superscale understanding is achieved. The film was deemed a great success, and IBM distributed a revised and even more lauded version in 1977 (Eames 1977).

Common Etiquette in Our Everyday Lives

    Our manners and behaviors are what define us. It is crucial to behave morally correct in orders to maintain a good image towards others and set a good example. People will treat you the way you treat them. No one wants to be treated wrong, therefore one must have good etiquette and treat others with respect. Here are a few examples of common courtesy some people fail to acquire that you should practice”

1. Respect for others.

When appropriate, say please, thank you and excuse me. After you receive a gift, make sure you write a thank you note or follow up with a phone call, email or text message. Do not use the word “shut up” – it is offensive!

2. Apologize when you do something wrong.

When you physically or emotionally hurt someone apologize even if it’s an accident. If you make a mistake, try to make amends whenever possible.

3. When someone is having a conversation, do not interrupt.

If you must interrupt a conversation, make sure you are polite and say, “Excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt but…”

4. When you change your plans, let others know.

Honor your word. If you commit to plans, make sure you show up. If something comes up (which it always does), make sure you contact others immediately.

5. Respect the needs of others in public.

Do not talk obnoxiously or loudly in public. Be aware of your surroundings and the people in the vicinity; use your cell phone in a private place. Always be respectful towards the people that serve you.

6. Never embarrass another person.

It is NOT polite to embarrass someone. In fact, it’s rude and mean and only serves to portray you as a bully. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything.

7. When refusing an invitation, be kind and honest.

We cannot attend every function so sometimes you will need to politely decline an invitation. Remember it’s okay to decline an invitation but it’s wrong to lie to someone.

8. Respect your elders.

Always be polite to adults and treat them with respect. Go out of your way to help elderly people, e.g., hold the door open. Consider having a conversation with them – that may put a smile on their face.

9. Use good table manners.

I’m not implying you should put a napkin on your lap or keep your elbows off the table every time you eat. You should however, chew with your mouth shut and never speak with food in your mouth – that’s gross! Do not use your fingers unless, of course, it’s finger food. Use your napkin not your shirt and don’t lick your fingers.

10. Respect other people’s property.

Treat other people’s possessions like they were your own. If you lose or ruin something that belongs to someone else, fix or replace it.


Whiplash-1Whiplash-5547.cr2UMG_cvrart_00030206728606_01_RGB72_1500x1500_14UMDIM03558.200x200-75sundance - whiplash 1

Last week I went to The Film Festival at The Theaters at Canal Place with my friend Melissa. We went to see Whiplash, which is about this talented young jazz drummer experiences a trial by fire when he’s recruited by a ferocious instructor whose unyielding search for perfection may lead to his undoing. For as far back as Andrew Neyman (actor Miles Teller) can remember, he’s been watching his father fail. Determined to make a name for himself no matter what it takes, Andrew enrolls in a prestigious east coast music conservatory where his talent quickly catches the attention of Terence Fletcher (actor J.K. Simmons) an esteemed music teacher who’s notorious for his caustic approach in the classroom and who an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize a student’s potential.. The leader of the school’s top jazz ensemble, Fletcher promptly transfers Neyman into his band, giving the ambitious young drummer a shot at true greatness. He may achieve it, too, if Neyman’s methods don’t drive him to madness first.

Whiplash is definitely a movie you want to watch. It truly is an extraordinary film. The music is excellent and the drama is emotionally intense. It keeps you interested and in tension throughout the whole time. Whiplash will have you cheering and bagging for an encore.

Interview E-mail

Dear Mrs. X,

Hello, I am student at Loyola University in New Orleans and I am really interested in scenic design for movies. I had a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer for me. I just want to get to know a little bit more on what it is you do in your career.

  1. What do you like most about your job?
  2. What qualities or skills would you say are essential for this job?
  3. What did you mayor in and what classes did you take that help you most in your job?
  4. Do you have a routine when working? Is it always the same process or can it vary?
  5. Are you constantly traveling, or do you mainly work in the same place?
  6. When do you work? Are you usually working on the set design of a new movie, or do you sometimes have to wait until a one comes?
  7. How much free time do you get?
  8. Is one constantly being rushed and therefore should be quick when at work?
  9. Who do you take orders from? Who do you give orders to? (If you do.)
  10. What would you say is something you dislike about your job?

Thanks in advance for taking your time to read this letter. I hope to get a response from you.


Sharon N. Zavala

My button

I made my button for me. I was not thinking on wether other people would like it or not. My button has a dolphin, a sun, metal colors and a model. The reason I put these in my button is because (the dolphin) I absolutely adore all animals, (the sun) I love nature and I love just sitting outside in the sun for hours, (the model) and I have a passion for fashion.

Becoming a Set Designer for movies

You need to be creative

You need to love art

Be quick because you are going to be rushed

Like to read to be able to read the movie’s script

You need to have a passion for movies

Be good at organizing things

Be a people person because you will be working with may people

Be open minded

Be good with you hands and good at creating

Be very imaginative

Be ready to take orders and give orders

Be punctual

Be open to criticism because people will be giving you their opinion on whatever you make or create

Be passionate